2016 Crushers

Click for 2016 Roster

If you should be on the list let me know via e-mail or Facebook.  If you know someone else who should be on the list tell them to get on it!

2015 Crusher

Click for 2015 Roster

Results are now on the roster for posterity.  We have 2 new FKTs and 4 up for grabs for the new routes (women’s Short and Long routes, men’s Mid and Long routes).  We’ve moved the Fastest Known Times to it’s own page HERE.

2014 Crusher

With the inaugural ride complete, we have two new Fastest Known Times (FKTs) for this remote but beautiful course, which will be posted here forever.  Or until someone records a faster time.  Please note – that can be done any time by any body using the same course run in the same direction.  GPS verification is required but please, HAVE AT IT!

Official roster and timed results for everyone’s pleasure:  HMC – 2014 Roster



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