2016 Crushers

The rides will start from River Park on the north side of town and within a very short walk of the beach for any spectators wanting to relax while riders are out toiling.

2015 Crusher

The ride will start from Triple A Rd near Big Bay for 2015.  Park along the gravel road (Old Triple A) approximately 9.5 miles from where you leave CR 550.  We’ll have a sign out by the road to make it clear the morning of.  GPS coordinates are 46.737238, -87.859759 (click on coords for linked map).  It is roughly a 35 minute drive from Tourist Park in Marquette despite what Google says as Triple A is now paved and quite fast.

2014 Crusher

The ride starts at the Old 510 Bridge.  We’ll park in the lot on the south side of the bridge as pictured below.

The rough physical address of the turnoff is 239 County Road 510, Negaunee, MI 49866.  Clearly if you’ve gone over the new bridge, you’ve gone too far.


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