GPX Files+Cues

2016 Crushers

Final GPX files are here:

SHORT 31mi

MID 73mi

LONG 147mi

Cue Sheets will be printed for ride day as a back up to GPS.  I highly recommend using a GPS unit for these rides but if you are used to using cue sheets and are good at navigation in general you should be ok.

2015 Crusher

You can download GPX files below for each of the routes.  We highly recommend using GPS on these routes due to the nature of these backcountry areas.  An added bonus would be a GPS unit that also shows the area maps in case of needing to bail on the route.  Cue sheets are posted below each route link.   I would advise only using these as back ups.  If both fail somehow, you always have the tire tracks of others ahead to follow.  There will be very minimal signage on route due to the length of the routes and number of intersections.

Short Route


Medium Route


Long Route


2014 Crusher

If you’d like a copy of the GPX file of the route for easy peasy guidance, please email us at (until I can figure out how to post it here).  Of course, use it at your own risk and always have a backup form of navigation in case of GPS failure.

We’ll have the cues below on site on the day of the ride but feel free to print them on your own and use as you wish.


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