Last Minute Notes

Because it has been asked a couple times, please check the blog for location of the start on Triple A.  We are NOT starting at the bridge like last year.

NOTICE: We’ve had a small change to the GPX files for Short and Mid length routes and have updated the links on the GPX page with the new files (we will have updated cues printed for tomorrow as well).  One of the trails we were hoping to use about 10 miles into the ride has become overgrown in the last month to the point of literally not being able to see it.  If you cannot update your file before tomorrow don’t worry as we’ve marked it with tape and will talk through everyone tomorrow morning on the change.  Ultimately the new route is better as it’s easier to follow and very flowy.

We have the chance of a little rain tomorrow depending on who you ask.  It has changed from early morning to midday in the past 24 hours and we’ve got our fingers crossed for nothing but sun.  We will be out there to administer a ride regardless of weather and will ride out with the group.  We hope you feel the same about such adventures.  HTFU right?

We have 13 riders confirmed (roster is updated) and hope we see some fence sitters tomorrow.


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