Month: July 2014

Official Route Pre-Ride Complete!

Fellow adventurers – We had a great day riding the complete route today! We verified all of the turns for cues, did some trail work, tested the waters of the Yellow Dog River, and soaked up a good helping of the Great Outdoors. And we may have even seen one of you out there?!

Official route is just over 55 miles, approximately 3000 ft of elevation gain depending on what you use to measure it. We rode it half-casually and recorded 4:45 in riding time. With fresh legs I’d imagine 20 minutes being shaved off of that pretty easily (I’m a 3.5 hr Hard Rock finisher for reference – aka mid-packer). For those of you who like to geek out on the numbers – we averaged 12.4 mph for the first half, 5.7 mph for the red section on the profile below (teaser pics to follow), and 11.6 for the last half (sand sand sand).

We’re getting a lot of which-bike-to-ride questions. Today I rode my 29er MTB with 1×10 drivetrain (32 x 11-36) and while a smaller ring would have been nice in a couple spots it’s certainly doable with less and/or with more fitness. We even spoke to a couple guys at the end of our ride who are entertaining coming out on singlespeeds! Spinning!


Sunday riding makes for a pleasant grinder

See the flyer below, we are riding Sunday August 24th both for safety and aesthetics due to a Mon-Sat paving operation starting along Triple A Rd in the next week. Paving will not affect the ride conditions much if at all. It won’t be adding any more pavement to the ride,  Sunday is simply a matter of lower traffic and smoother sailing all around.

Spread the word, we hope you can still make it!